Dominance Of Military Turns Pakistan Into A Failing State, Says Experts

The Democracy Forum (TDF), a prominent London-based think tank, hosted a seminar titled ‘Economic & Political Power of the Military: Its Impact on Democracy’, at the St James’ Court Hotel, London on Monday.

The seminar, chaired by senior journalist Humphrey Hawksley, was addressed by TDF President Lord Bruce, and featured a distinguished panel of experts comprising Pervez Hoodbhoy, Ayesha Siddiqa, Myra MacDonald, Dr. Hamid Hussain, Dr. Rosena Khan and Dr. David Brenner.

Setting the tone for the discussions, Lord Bruce, in his opening remarks stated that it was a sine qua non that the role of the military is a frequent and sometimes nefarious participant in the suspension of democratic institutions across the world.

According to the Democracy Index, none of the four countries selected for discussion in the seminar – Pakistan, Myanmar, Turkey and Egypt, scores more than five out of ten in the Index’s 2017 international survey, which covers indicators inc .Read More…

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