DRDO, Successful Testing Of An Ingenious Anti-tank Missile By The Indian Army

At the KK range in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, on Tuesday, the Indian Army and DRDO successfully tested an indigenously designed anti-tank guided missile, according to the defence ministry.

According to the announcement from the ministry, the anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) was successfully tested from the Arjun battle tank.

“The ATGM performed well in the test, hitting the target with pinpoint accuracy and dispatching it with ease at close ranges. The missile performed satisfactorily in flight, according to telemetry systems “It made mention.

Due to the dimensions limitations of tank-launched ATGMs, engaging targets at closer ranges is difficult, however the ATGM for the Arjun tank has done so successfully, it was noted.

“The trial confirmed the ATGM’s capacity to engage targets from close to far distances. The trials had previously been successful for the widest range, “It made notice.

According to the release, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh commended the DRDO and Indian Army on the ATGM’s successful trial.

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