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Electric Is The Future Of Defence & Aerospace: Army Chief Naravane

According to Army Chief of Staff General M M Naravane, the future of defence and aerospace is electric. On Saturday, General Naravane opened the Ahmedabad Design Week (ADW 3.0) in Uvarsad, Gandhinagar.

General Naravane, in his inaugural address, stated that there is a need to leapfrog when it comes to design and innovation.

“The way things are going to change in aerospace and defence is electric,” General Naravane remarked. “As time goes on, more and more electricity-based equipment that isn’t reliant on fossil fuels will emerge.”

He continued, saying: “In the subject of miniaturisation, there is a lot that can be done. Large platforms are unaffordable for us.” General Naravane was speaking on the grounds of Karnavati University, which hosted ADW 3.0.

When designing for the Armed Forces and others, General Naravane stressed the importance of considering VED – Vital, Essential, and Desirable – factors.

“The current battlefield’s requirements are difficult and diversified,” General Naravane added. “For example, in advanced areas, electrical supply is a serious worry, thus thousands of generators are employed, all of which require fuel.” “Transporting gasoline is a major cost, thus alternate electricity generation methods are required,” he noted.

He continued, saying: “Miniaturization is also the way of the future. Our ships and planes must be small due to space constraints, and we must cram more and more functionality into that small space.”

According to General Naravane, there is significant possibility for private companies, industry, and startups to intervene in defence design, given that 25% of the defence R&D spending was dedicated for private investments in the previous Budget.

“A nation gets powerful through the pillars of military force, diplomacy, and economic might,” remarked retired Air Marshal R K Dhir, who was present at the inaugural ceremony. He continued, ” “Self-reliance stemming from the necessity to exist and survive is essential, and the industry is currently searching inwardly for it. Entrepreneurs and industry must take the lead in order to achieve this.”

At the inauguration, commercial filmmaker Prahalad Kakkar was also present. “, he explained “We live in a dangerous world these days. Not only in terms of defence, but also in terms of technology, India lags behind.” He continued, ” “Despite the fact that we are late, it is critical to consider defence production.

Today’s battle is more about economy than it is about world wars.” He continued, saying: “The ability of a country to prolong a war determines its power. That is where we must concentrate our efforts.”

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