External Factors Succeeded In Shutting Down Core Army Intelligence Ops

At least 10 covert operations outside India were carried out by a tiny specialised unit of the Indian Army, the Technical Service Division (TSD), which was formed in May 2010 after General V.K. Singh took over as Chief of Army Staff. These included operations that prevented 26/11 Mumbai-type attacks of 2008 from taking place. However, once Gen Singh retired in May 2012, the TSD was disbanded after being portrayed as “rogue” by several media reports that were based on so-called information leaked allegedly from the laptops and pen-drives of serving Army officers. There was intelligence that external forces inimical to India’s interests were attempting the shutting down of this unit, according to Gen Singh.

Gen V.K. Singh, who is now a Minister of State in the NDA government, had pointed out in a letter to the then UPA Ministry of Home Affairs in 2013 that the winding up of the TSD had resulted in the Army being “left with no covert operation and weak counter-insurgency capacity”, thus resulting in an increase in cross-border terrorism.

Though the details regarding what the division achieved in less than 24 months of its existence was never made public, sources who were familiar with its working revealed that the details of its operations, if made public, would wash away the ignominy of it being a “rogue” unit, which was tagged to it in the last few months of its existence. Read more

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