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F-15EX Eagle II Successfully Fired An AIM-120D

Last month, the Boeing F15EX Eagle II program reached a new milestone. In addition to being the first F15EX live-fire exercise, it was also the first missile launch for experimental test pilot Maj Benjamin Naumann.

Much of Combat Archer provides a live-fire experience, and the Air Force has noted that many pilots perform their first live-fire at WSEP. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to fire the first weapon, but the biggest accomplishment is verifying the F15EX’s ability to launch a missile,” Naumann said.

“This strike is another important step towards bringing the aircraft into service for combat units. Such test flights are simply not normal. specific test parameters when fired to ensure the correct data is collected for analysis.

“Ultimately, we’re part of an iterative development process, validating expected results and providing feedback to the team on successes or things to improve,” Naumann said, “We act as an agent to bring combat skills to the fighter Final milestone for the F15EX The Air Force was also quick to deal with the progress made by the F15EX program.“I know of no other platform that has gone through such a rapid test program and it was amazing to be part of the team building it.

Last October the F15EXs were deployed to Nellis Air Force Base and In an exercise focused on the air-to-air dominance cloak it will inherit from the F15C, this exercise demonstrated that while the platform still needs to be developed, it is fully capable of fulfilling its dominance role.

Aerial, according to Myers testing and operational testing] was fundamental to the success of our test, allowing us to break the mold of “traditional” testing, ultimately resulting in an overall better product for the fighter and in a shorter time sequence than the adoption of the traditional approach, “Myers

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