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F-22 Raptors, F-35 & Rafale Jets Are Set To Protect The UAE From Houthis

The United States recently decided to deploy F22 Raptors to the United Arab Emirates amid possible drone and missile attacks launched by Houthi rebels, said General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of United States Central Command.

Last week, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the Pentagon would ask him to deploy fighter jets and a USS Cole guided-missile destroyer to help the United Arab Emirates in its fight against regional threats. Over the next week, we will bring in a squadron of F22 fighters, the best air superiority fighters in the world.

They will also work with their partners in the United Arab Emirates to help defend the nation,” McKenzie said in an interview with the Emirates News Agency. Earlier, France said it reportedly deployed its Rafale fighters to conduct aerial surveillance of the United Arab Emirates to defend the country’s airspace against drone and missile threats.

French Defense Minister Florence Parly announced on Twitter that Paris will bring military support to protect the Emirati space plane from intrusions France has a permanent military base in Abu Dhabi and maintains strong economic and political relations with the country Paris has also signed a historic agreement with the United Arab Emirates and has committed to selling 80 F4 variants of Rafale fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates in December, marking the largest export ever by a French company. easy.

Israel, the only country to exploit the F35 in the Middle East, also offered security and intelligence support to the Arab emirates. The repeated drone and the insane missiles on the Arab nations of the Militia Gulf in Yemen led to these states that tried to strengthen their defenses. One could therefore argue that the United States is sending the message that it has a strong presence in Middle Eastern affairs despite having been heavily invested in China and Russia.

The United States is helping its partners According to the Pentagon, the latest sales approved in Saudi Arabia Saudi include 31 communications and navigation terminals worth $23.7 million to bolster the kingdom’s missile defense system. The United Arab Emirates has obtained authorization from the US State Department to buy $65 million in reserve comp

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