Finally,big push for the navy

India is finally shoring up its defence assets with a welcome emphasis on its much neglected Navy. The `50,000 crore allocation for the Navy’s Project 75 (I) to build six lethal submarines gives the right push to the ambition of setting up a true blue Navy with adequate deterrent via a mix of carrier groups and nuclear su bmarines.

This comes as China expands its naval radii to protect its interests from Africa to Philippines. The push is also intertwined with India’s ‘Look East’ policy, which aims at establishing seamless economic and political ties with ASEAN countries, besides the US, Japan and Australia via Quad. China had realised its navy cannot operate without bases farther from home. It has thus leased Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port, been developing Gwadar in Pakistan—close to Indian waters—while investing in Tanzania, Seychelles and Maldives with an eye on future bases. Read More

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