For India In The Twenty-first Century, Self-reliance In The Military Is Crucial: Modi

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at a conference called “Swavlamban” that was put on by the Naval Innovation and Indigenization Organization (NIIO), stressing India’s desire to be self-sufficient in its armed forces.

The Prime Minister addressed the audience and stated that holding the inaugural “Swavlamban” (self-reliance) seminar for a self-reliant Navy is a crucial step toward India’s aim of being a self-sufficient defence force in the twenty-first century.

The commitment to develop 75 indigenous technologies during this time of setting new goals for India, according to the prime minister, is inspiring in and of itself and he is confident that it will be carried out very soon.

“The quantity of indigenous technology needs to be continuously increased. Your aim should be for our Navy to be at an all-time high when India commemorates 100 years of independence “added he.

The Prime Minister stated that the Indian Navy’s role is steadily expanding and that, as a result, the Navy’s independence is crucial. He was referring to the significance of oceans and coasts to India’s economy.

The Prime Minister recalled the proud maritime history of the nation and noted that the defence industry used to be quite strong even before Independence because India was a significant supplier of defence supplies during World War II.

“The Ishapur Rifle Factory produced our howitzers and machine guns, which were regarded as the best. We formerly exported a lot. However, what ultimately transpired was that we eventually became the largest importer in this industry worldwide “Modi enquired.

A self-sufficient defence system, according to the prime minister, is essential both economically and strategically.

After 2014, he claimed, the nation will endeavour to lessen this dependence.

“Innovation is essential, and it must be domestic. Innovation cannot come from imported commodities, “added he.

The government has raised the defence budget during the past eight years, but according to the prime minister, “we have also ensured that this budget is effective in the growth of the defence industrial ecosystem in the country.”

As he praised the armed services for compiling a list of 300 things that will not be imported, Modi stated, “Today, a substantial chunk of the cash intended for the acquisition of defence equipment is being spent on procurement from Indian enterprises.”

Modi asserted that there are ongoing attacks using deception, disinformation, and false publicity as India is making its mark on the international stage.

The forces that are working against India’s interests, whether at home or internationally, must be stopped at all costs, according to Modi.

“A comparable “whole of the nation” approach is urgently required for national defence, just as we are pushing forward with the “whole of the government” approach for an independent India. The strong foundation for security and prosperity is the nation as a whole “Prime Minister came to a conclusion.

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