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Government To Procure 15 Light Combat Helicopters for Rs. 3,887cr For Air Force

The Cabinet Committee on Security is preparing to purchase 15 light combat helicopters in limited series manufacturing for Rs. 3,887 crore, as well as infrastructure sanctions for Rs. 377 crore. PM Narendra Modi presided over a cabinet committee meeting on Wednesday.

These aircraft are state-of-the-art modern combat helicopters that are designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States. They feature around 45 percent indigenous content by value, which will gradually climb to more than 55 percent for the SP Version.

This helicopter has the agility, manoeuvrability, extended range, high altitude performance, and round-the-clock, all-weather combat capability to perform roles such as Combat Search and Rescue, Destruction of Enemy Air Defence, Counter Insurgency operations, high altitude bunker-busting operations, Counter Insurgency operations in the jungle and urban environments, and support to ground forces.

State-of-the-art technologies and systems with stealth features such as reduced Visual, Aural, Radar, and IR signatures, as well as crashworthiness features for improved survivability, have been integrated into LCH for deployment in combat roles to meet emerging needs over the next three to four decades.

Several major aviation technology have been indigenously developed, including the Glass Cockpit and composite airframe structure. It was also stated that the eventual Series Production version will include more current and indigenous systems.

Under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan, India’s capabilities to create, develop, and produce innovative cutting-edge technologies and systems in the defence sector continues to improve. HAL’s production of the LCH will provide the Atmanirbhar Bharat plan another boost, boosting indigenization of defence production and the defence industry in the country.

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