Grenades Seized In The Hyderabad Raid Were Dropped By Pakistani Drones

Top sources in Telangana Police said that Pakistani drones dropped the four grenades along the Punjab border a few months ago. The grenades were clearly made in China, and they were found at the homes of three terror suspects on Sunday before dawn.

They are trying to find the terror network that sent the airdropped package to Abdul Zahed, Mohammed Sameeuddin, and Maaz Hasan Farooq, who are thought to be Lashkar operatives in Hyderabad. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is likely to take over the case now that a pan-India link to the Lashkar module has been found in the city.

“The accused got a part of the shipment of terror. We found some clues about who sent the grenades made in China to Zahed, the leader of the terrorist group. This is the same way that Pakistani weapons were smuggled from Haryana to Nanded, Maharashtra, via Telangana’s Adilabad district, where they were found after being dropped from the air in May of this year. “An intelligence officer said that the weapons were also sent by Pakistani drones along the border of Punjab.

Zaheb, one of the three people arrested on Sunday, is said to have talked to his fugitive handlers, Farhatullah Ghori, Siddique Bin Osman, and Abdul Majeed, who are hiding out in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and planned with Hyderabadi Lashkar conduits to cause terror in public places on Dasara.

“We think that the Chinese weapons went to Pakistan before being smuggled into India. We will arrest the accused and ask them about the module. One of the grenades that were found was in a box under the bed of one of the suspects.”

The three terror suspects were caught with Rs. 5.4 lakh in cash. This is unaccounted money, even though the three are said to have said the money was loaned for business purposes but didn’t name the lenders.

Also, the accused spoke in code to their handlers, which intelligence workers are trying to figure out. To avoid being watched, phone calls with Pakistani handlers were made through apps.

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