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Here’s a First Look at the U.S. Navy’s Next-Generation Destroyer

By National Interest

The U.S. Navy is moving forward with conceptual and early design work for its next-generation destroyer.

The DDG(X) is expected to incorporate new technologies in propulsion, power systems, and be able to accommodate a new generation of weapons. It will also include the combat system aboard Flight III ships of the Arleigh Burke class.

“When we upgraded the (Arleigh Burke class) to the Flight III capability, we took up all of the service life allowance on that platform,” said DDG(X) deputy program manager Katie Connelly at the 2022 Surface Navy Association Symposium. “So all of the space, weight, and power has all been allocated. There is not enough room on that ship to put a new combat capability that takes more power or a larger footprint within the ship. So in order to accommodate that and to continue to keep facing the threat in the future, we need to upgrade to a new hull form, hence DDG(X).”

The plan is for the new DDG(X) to operate alongside the Navy’s growing fleet of Arleigh Burke-class destroyers while also introducing new technologies. These capabilities will include more powerful weapons with longer ranges and a new generation of computing ability. The emphasis is to ensure the new warship can keep pace with new threats,” Connelly said.

“Capabilities that we’re going to need for the twenty-first century to continue combating the threat are increased missile capability sensor growth, directed energy weapons, which actually require a lot of power, increased survivability, and increased power availability, which is going to come through an IPS system called the integrated power system,” Connelly said.

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