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How Saab’s AT4 single-shot will help in modernizing the Armed Forces

As a part of the country’s end to modernise its defence forces, Swedish defence empire Saab was on Thursday awarded a contract to supply single- shot anti-armour armament AT4 to the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force (IAF).

In a statement, Saab said that it was awarded the contract for the featherlight and completely disposable armament after going through a”competitive programme”.

“The AT4CS AST (variant) offers a tandem warhead with a breach or blast mode, which is optimized to master adversaries within structures and to destroy structures, which can produce a point of access into them,”it said in a press release. Each about the AT4CS AST and how it’ll help in modernising Indian Armed Forces

AT4CS AST is a featherlight and man-movable preloaded armament system that’s able of destroying structures and other armament systems similar as copters, tanks, etc. AT4CS AST, as per the makers, has an effective range of 20 to 300 metres and can access armour as thick as17.5 elevation.

AT4CS AST, which weighs around eight kg, also comes with an optic night sight that helps by low-light terrain operations.

AT4CS comes with four variants. India, still, is only acquiring theanti-structure tandem-warhead (AST) variant which Saab says is veritably effective in confined spaces.

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