IAF Scrambled Jets 2-3 Times In Past Weeks Amid Chinese Aggression: Report

Before the recent fight between India and China in the Yangtse area near Tawang, Chinese drones had moved very aggressively toward Indian positions on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh, causing the Indian Air Force to send its fighter aircrafts in the area into the air.

The Chinese military has been acting aggressively over issues in the Yangtse River near Holydip and Parikrama on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), where Chinese and Indian positions are at odds.

“In the last few weeks, our fighter jets have had to be sent out twice or three times to stop Chinese drones from getting to our positions on the LAC. The Su-30MKI planes had to be sent into the air to deal with the threat.

Along the LAC in the northeast, the Indian Air Force keeps a close eye on what the Chinese are doing with drones. They said that the steps must be taken because drones or any other aircraft can’t be allowed to fly in the airspace.

The Indian side doesn’t mind if the drones fly parallel to the LAC, the sources said. However, if radars pick up aircraft or drones flying toward Indian territory, the right steps need to be taken to stop any violations, they said.

The Indian Air Force is very strong in the northeast. Squadrons of Su-30 fighter jets are stationed in many places, such as Tezpur and Chhabua in Assam.

The Rafale fighter jets have also been sent to Hashimara in West Bengal, which is not far away.

With the S-400 air defence system now working in the Assam sector, the Indian Air Force has also improved its air defence in the area. The system can handle any threat from the air over almost the whole area.

After Chinese planes flew into Indian airspace in the Ladakh sector earlier this year, China and India recently agreed on a number of steps to keep things from getting worse in the air.

After the Chinese started making trouble in the area, the Indian side brought it up strongly at military talks. It was decided that both sides’ fighter planes would stay far behind what they thought was the Line of Actual Control in the area.

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