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IdeaForge Partners With PV Lumen To Distribute Best In Class UAVs In India

ideaForge Technology Private Limited, India’s premier drone manufacturer, has teamed up with PV Lumens LLP, a fast rising distributor of safety, security, connectivity, and productivity solutions, to distribute its best-in-class UAVs across the country. IdeaForge will be able to expand its reach and penetration in the Indian market thanks to PV Lumens’ reseller network.

Drones are a high-potential, fast-growing area that the Indian government and industry are both paying close attention to. The Indian government is focusing on using drones as a technology enabler for a variety of benefits, including increased agriculture output, faster and better disaster management, digitization of land records, and improved border and vital establishment surveillance and security.

Drone rules will be relaxed, bringing the industry to the forefront, encouraging acceptance, and speeding India’s growth.

IdeaForge is devoted to contributing to India’s digital progress as the pioneer of the drone industry, and as part of that purpose, it is constantly improving its products and business strategy to aid in attaining those objectives. IdeaForge will be able to expand its presence across India, build its client and partner base, and better service them thanks to PV Lumens’ broad distribution network.

“We’re looking forward to working with PV Lumens,” stated Vishal Saxena, ideaForge’s VP of Business. “Our collaboration with PV Lumens to expand our distribution network is a significant step forward for our firm and the UAV industry as a whole.”

This relationship will aid in the speedier adoption of UAV technology among our clients, allowing our Value-added resellers, partners, and System Integrators to respond to customer needs more quickly. In addition, the breadth of financial solutions that will emerge from this collaboration will undoubtedly bring value to the ecosystem as a whole.”

“We are happy to join with ideaForge, the foremost player in the Indian drone sector,” stated Chaman Pansari, Director of PV Lumens LLP. Drones can be used for a variety of purposes, including defence, security, agriculture, surveying and mapping, operations and maintenance, logistics, and more. Our partnership with ideaForge will complement our existing Safety, Security, and Maintenance products while also opening up new growth opportunities for both ideaForge and our clients.”

PV Lumens will distribute all ideaForge products in India as part of the partnership. ideaForge will give the PV Lumens team with the resources, support materials, and training needed to carry out the strategy. Both companies are confident in gaining a competitive advantage and accomplishing their strategic goals, thanks to ideaForge’s best-in-class UAVs and PV Lumens’ broad partner network, experienced business development staff, and expertise in distribution management.

In India, ideaForge (iF) is a pioneer in the drone space. It is the leading participant in the Indian market, focusing on security and surveillance as well as mapping and surveying. Its drones have completed over 220,000 missions, with an ideaForge drone taking off every 6 minutes or fewer.

iF drones are used by the Indian Defence and Homeland Security Forces, as well as other government departments and industries, on a regular basis for security and mapping.

iF is known for creating autonomous drones that offer best-in-class performance and dependability, having designed the complete tech stack itself. iF’s drones are ‘Built like a Bird, Tested like a Tank,’ ensuring that they can withstand practically any terrain, altitude, or weather. The Indian National Intellectual Property Award for 2020 went to iF for its unique technology stack.

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PV Lumens (PVL) is a multi-distribution company that specialises in Safety, Security, Connectivity, and Productivity solutions from industry-leading brands that are leaders in their fields.

PVL has a national presence in India, with 18 facilities serving over 2000 consumers. PVL has competence in establishing and managing efficient and structured distribution, led by promoters with over 30 years of distribution experience.

PVL’s value-added distribution activities, such as marketing and business development, technical pre-sales and post-sales assistance, and rapid customer service, are the company’s strengths.

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