If Syria Implodes, India Will Be Hit

In Syria, we’re locked and loaded,” said US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley, confronting the Russian delegation at the UN General Assembly debate after the US-led cruise missile strike on Syria. Vintage American gunfighter talk – almost straight out of the “The Gunfight at the OK Corral”.

American diplomacy has never been inhibited in larger-than-life proclamations of “manifest destiny,” whether at the General Assembly or pushing foot-dragging “coalitions of the willing” into conflict zones in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, and now in Syria. The Reagan doctrine of America leading the “free world” against the “evil empire” (then Soviet Russia, now Vladimir Putin’s Russia) requires the United States to be in a state of constant military alert. Wherever America has intervened militarily in pursuit of this grand strategy, “regime change”, the replacement of the existing regime by another more pliable one, has always been the objective. Saddam Hussein in Iraq is one example, “terminated with extreme prejudice” in 2003 at the end of a hangman’s rope after Iraq was invaded and occupied over alleged “weapons of mass destruction”, that were never found, almost 12 years after the US had earlier defeated the Iraqi Army in 1991 in Operation Desert Storm. Read More…

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