Imran Slams Bajwa And Hails The Indian Army For Being “Non-Corrupt”

Imran Khan, the Pakistani Prime Minister, is upset and frustrated with his “master,” the Pakistani military establishment, for refusing to bail him out at a critical no-confidence vote against his government, which is building up to be his hardest test since taking power in 2018. Khan has also been pushed to “resign” by the establishment because he has lost his majority in parliament.

“I Salute India. India has a better foreign policy than Pakistan; they work for their people, the Indian army is not corrupt, and they never interfere with civilian government “Imran Khan made the remarks in a public forum on Sunday, without mentioning the Pakistani army by name.

Pakistani analysts interpret Khan’s statement as a jab at the country’s military establishment, which controls foreign policy and the civilian administration. Three years ago, the Pakistani army or military establishment rigged elections to put Imran Khan in charge of the “hybrid” state. The army generals, however, have realised that “Project Imran” has failed terribly and have chosen to “dump” him.

“The army is not, and has never been, neutral. The army, despite claiming to be impartial, is assisting the opposition against Imran Khan, and Imran Khan is reluctant to accept that his sponsors have abandoned him “According to one Pakistani observer.

According to reports, Pakistani army leader General Qamar Javed Bajwa and ISI chief Lt General Nadeem Anjum “advised” Imran Khan to resign after the OIC meeting without further aggravating the situation.

“While Khan protested to Bajwa about his “neutrality,” the army commander is believed to have told him to respect the Constitution and act properly,” according to a source familiar with the discussion.

Imran Khan, on the other hand, is not willing to listen and has chosen to take the struggle to the streets. He has called on “millions” of followers to attend the Pakistan National Assembly on March 27, the day before a no-confidence motion against him is to be tabled.

“I want to break all attendance records in order to fight for Pakistan’s soul. We support what is right and condemn political mafias’ shameless purchase of politicians’ souls in order to protect their looted fortune “In a tweet, he stated.

Imran Khan has also sent a severe warning to his “deserted” legislators.

“You will be unable to attend public parties, and no one will marry your children when they reach adulthood,” Khan said. “To you all, I’m like a father figure. But, for the love of God, don’t make the blunder of joining forces with the corrupt Opposition. Consider the future of your children.”

Khan remains hopeful that Allah’s “divine” force would come to his aid.

He tweeted, “Allah is watching this and evil people will not go unpunished.”

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