In The Midst Of A Continual Surge Of Afghan-based Militants Into Kashmir, An Army Elite Unit Is Training BSF Personnel

In response to the growing threat posed by foreign terrorists, particularly those headquartered in Afghanistan, at the Line of Control, the elite Special Forces of the Indian Army are now training the Border Security Force (BSF) members for the first time in Jammu and Kashmir.

The BSF employees are receiving training from the 7 Para (Special Force) commandos of the Indian Army to get them ready to resist any threat in the border areas in Kashmir.

The BSF personnel are undergoing training because it has become a necessity for operations along the LoC, where intelligence services have warned the security forces that 11 terror camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir are home to 500–600 militants.

The Kashmir Theater Line of Control needs to be protected, which is a difficult task that requires a strong security system. Earlier, the BSF itself provided pre-induction training to platoons arriving to be deployed along the LoC.

Advanced security measures are necessary since new dangers are developing in Kashmir and posing the force with new problems.

Raja Babu Singh, Inspector General of BSF, Kashmir Frontier, said, “We had earlier held conversations with the Indian Army to train our personnel. He was speaking about the training of BSF and 7 Para Commandos. The Special Forces are currently instructing them at our request.

Bangladesh’s and Pakistan’s shared international border is being protected by the BSF, which has 192 battalions and seven artillery units. The force protects 6,300 km of the Indian fronts, which are bordered by Bangladesh on the east and Pakistan on the west.

In addition, BSF conducts anti-infiltration operations in the Kashmir Valley in addition to counter-insurgency operations in the North East and anti-Naxal operations in the states of Odisha and Chhattisgarh.

The Indian Army recently raised the alarm that some of the Valley’s terrorists were using American weapons that the US military had left behind in Afghanistan. It made evident the new dangers in the Kashmir Valley.

Special training for counter-terror duty at LoC

The BSF members are receiving training from the Indian Army’s 7 Para (Special Force) commandos.

BSF personnel receive specialised training to enable them to neutralise any threat in Kashmir’s border regions.

Due to the growing threat posed by international terrorists, particularly those headquartered in Afghanistan, training has become necessary.

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