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Indian Armed Forces Selects Saab’s 84mm AT-4 Anti-Tank System

By Indian Defence News

The Indian armed forces have selected SAAB’s AT4 single-shot anti-tank weapon. In a press release, Saab India said the weapon system had been selected by the Indian Army under a competitive program for a single-shot weapon. AT4 will be used by Indian Army and Indian Air Force, SAAB India said. AT4CS AST is an AT4 family anti-tank system.

Depending on the models, anti-tank systems of this family have an amazing range of 200-1000 meters. India’s chosen AT4CS AST has a range of 200 meters, but there is no information on what type of armor exactly pierces this version of the AT4. It is known that the light and comfortable anti-tank system AT4CS AST. AT4CS AST can operate in closed spaces, bunkers and densely populated urban environments.

The Swedes say that AT4CS AST is quite a suitable system for destroying buildings or urban structures, creating an access point to them. The AT4CS AST uses a tandem header. The tandem warhead means that the anti-tank system fires a projectile with two charges: a preliminary charge and the main charge.

Each of the loads has a fuse and activates differently. The pre-charge fuse is released upon entering the bumper, while the main charge fuse is activated by the pre-bullet explosion. It is very important when using a double-barreled bullet or a tandem warhead to accurately determine the time of the first explosion. When completed, the shock wave time gives the required delay period. India’s purchase of the AT4CS AST anti-tank system is not the first product chosen by SAAB.

In recent years, the Swedes have sold the CarlGustaf grenade launcher, which is also very popular in the world. Gjorgen Johansson, Head of Saab Dynamics Business Line, told media that “The Indian Army and Indian Air Force can be confident that they have the firepower to give them an advantage.

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