India has fitted Israeli NLOS anti-tank guided missiles to Russian Mi-17 helicopters.

India is equipping its Russian Mi-17 helicopters with Israeli ‘Non-Line of Sight (NLOS)’ anti-tank guided missiles in order to improve its firepower against enemy armoured divisions.

Top government officials informed India Today that ATGMs may fly low in mountainous terrain and kill ground targets from distances of up to 30 kilometres.

The missiles have already arrived in the nation, according to sources, and are being deployed aboard Russian helicopters somewhere in the western region.

The Indian armed forces are putting the lessons learned from the Russia-Ukraine conflict into practise, where tanks and anti-tank missiles played a significant role. According to accounts, Ukrainian forces have successfully utilised anti-tank and anti-air missiles supplied by Western European nations and the United States against Russian armoured formations.

India is also expected to use these armed choppers in the high alpine terrain of Ladakh and the surrounding areas, where China has stationed a big number of armoured regiments.

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