India Has To Be Ready For Change One Country Shouldn’t Dominate Technology Due To AI: Defence Minister

Rajnath Singh, India’s defence minister, warned on Monday that the country needs to develop artificial intelligence mechanisms “very cautiously” and be prepared for the potential social, moral, political, and economic turmoil that may come with their development.

He emphasised that, unlike nuclear technology, AI technology should not be dominated by one nation or group, and that India must advance in the area.

After kicking off an event here called “AIDef” (Artificial Intelligence in Defense), Singh was speaking.

“For the advancement and peace of humanity, artificial intelligence (AI) must be used. As with nuclear power, it shouldn’t happen that one country or a small group of nations come to dominate this technology while denying the rest of the world access to its benefits “The minister of defence said.
He pointed out that AI’s ethics and potential risks need to be carefully considered.

“Artificial intelligence is developing, and we should refrain from attempting to halt it. But we must exercise caution “He spoke of.

A new technology’s transition stage is just as significant and significant when it brings about a significant change, he said.

Because AI has the potential to bring about significant change, Singh said, “we must be prepared to deal with the potential legal, ethical, political, and economic turmoil that may result.”

In order to prevent this (technology) from slipping out of our control in the future, he continued, “We need to work on AI exceedingly cautiously.”

The defence minister compared the advancement of technology to the movement of a clock because once it advances, it cannot be reversed.

Every time a new technology is introduced, society takes some time to adapt to it, he continued.

The nation should assure democratic technology use, he added.

Due to AI, the defence industry is going through significant changes. According to him, AI is also helping to improve troop training.

He continued, “On AI, Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin had remarked: ‘Whoever becomes the leader in this domain will become the ruler of the world,'” alluding to Russia’s ongoing advancements in science and technology.

In spite of India’s belief that “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (the entire world is one family) and its lack of desire to govern the globe, he continued, “We must enhance the potential of our AI technology so that no country can even consider ruling us.”

According to him, India has begun implementing AI applications in remote-piloted, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.

He stated that more progress is required in this direction so that India can create autonomous weapon systems.

So that we don’t fall behind the technological curve and can fully utilise technology for our services, he said, “Timely integration of technologies like AI and Big Data in the defence sector is of the utmost importance.”

At the occasion, Singh unveiled 75 artificial intelligence-powered defence technologies.

While others are being deployed, some are already being used by the armed forces.

These 75 products fall under the categories of C4ISR (command, control, communication, computer and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), robotics systems, cyber security, supply chain management, voice analysis, and operational data analytics. They also cover human behaviour analysis, intelligent monitoring systems, robotics systems, and supply chain management.

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