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India to get S-500 missile system from Russia? Here’s what we know

By Financial express

Even as India gets ready to deploy the first regiment of the S-400 Air Defence System, Russia has already indicated that the newer version S-500 ‘Prometei’ anti-aircraft missile system is ready to be offered to India.

According to media reports quoting Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov have indicated that India could be the first buyer of the S-500 air defence system. The comments of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister come at a time when India has already started receiving the S-400 `Triumf’ from that country and the US has expressed its concern over the system.

As has been reported in Financial Express Online earlier, the long awaited S-400 has started arriving in India, for the Indian Air Force (IAF). This will be followed by a team of Russian specialists, arriving in India next month (January 2022) for transferring the equipment to the sites and helping the Indian team who have been trained in Moscow to start the operation process. The deliveries of various parts of the system started in November this year.

What about the S-500?
A top officer who wished to remain anonymous explained to Financial Express Online,” It is too early to discuss this as the first regiment of S-400 is in the process of being delivered to India. The delivery will be completed by 2023. And only then a decision will be taken.“

When was the contract for S-400 inked?
It was inked in 2018when the Russian President Vladimir was in India for the annual Indo-Russia annual summit.

Payment Mode
And, the first tranche of payment for the S-400 Air Defence System was made by India in 2019 equivalent to USD 800 million. In fact in 2019

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