India And US Must Leverage Defence Technology And Trade Initiative For Mutual Benefit

There is a real possibility that the end of America’s “unipolar moment” in Asia will be followed not by an enduring multipolar environment where India has room to thrive, but rather by Chinese regional hegemony. The only realistic bulwark against this outcome is a robust partnership between India and the United States. And even that is a necessary, but insufficient condition for a free and “rules based security architecture in the Indo-Pacific” — to use the recent phraseology of American diplomats.

This reality goes a long way to explaining why there is no shortage of pronouncements attesting to the strategic convergence, common values, and deepening friendship between America and India. Embracing India is one of the few positions that draws not only wide bipartisan support in Washington DC, but unites disparate factions within the Democratic and Republican parties. There is also increasing recognition in New Delhi that India needs foreign partners to manage the risks associated with China’s ascendancy. And the United States is still the most capable military and economic force on the planet. Read More…

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