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Indian Army Day: Challenges confronting the Indian Army in the new decade

By Financial express

On the Army Day, it is a matter of pride to place on record the great contribution that the Indian Army has made in protecting and building the nation.India would not have been the thriving democracy and the rising nation it is but for the hard work and sacrifices made by the officers, JCOs and men who shaped the Army.

Tremendous challenges have been overcome by our last bastion, over the past seven decades, to stand proud and be counted as a respected and trusted national institution. AsIndia stands at the portals of global leadership, it is a moment to rejoice and savor successes. Simultaneously, it is also pertinent to look ahead on this day, take stock of the situation and prepare to tackle the challenges ahead.

The foremost challenge which the Indian Army faces is from a Pakistan in toxic decay and a predatory China in decline. The danger is that both these nations are modernizing their militaries and expanding them at an unprecedented pace despite their economic woes. While the Indian Army is preparing to confront both adversaries conventionally – individually or in collusion, the real challenge is elsewhere. Besides the conventional threat, both pose a major threat through escalated Gray Zone activities along the LOC and LAC with imaginative malevolence.

Indications of the past few months clearly point to the future shape of things to come. Secondly there will be enhanced friction and confrontation as part of their Gray Zone activities.

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