Huge Amount Of Weapons, Ammunition, And Other War Supplies Were Found In Uri Sector In Baramulla, J&k

An Army officer said on Friday that along the Line of Control (LoC) in Uri Sector of Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramulla district, a huge cache of arms, ammunition, and “war-like stores” were found. This included AK-74 rifles, hand grenades made in Pakistan, and balloons that said “I Love Pakistan.”

He said that the number of ultras, weapons, and ammunition in the Valley was at an all-time low, so Pakistan was trying very hard to sneak terrorists in or smuggle war supplies into Kashmir. The weapons and ammunition were found at a time when Pakistan was trying very hard to do either.

General Officer Commanding (GOC) of Army’s 19 Infantry Division Major General Ajay Chandpuria said that multiple ambushes and search operations were done along the LoC based on information from multiple intelligence agencies over a two-week period about terrorists trying to sneak in and dumping weapons-like supplies in the Hathlanga area of Rampur Sector in Uri.

He said that on Friday, a search operation was started in the general area of Hathlanga Nala. It lasted for eight hours, and at the end, weapons, ammunition, and other things that could be used in a war were found.

Eight AK-74 rifles, 24 AK-74 rifle magazines, 560 7.62mm AK-74 live ammunition, 12.30mm Chinese pistols, 24 Chinese pistol magazines, 244.30mm pistol live ammunition, nine Chinese hand grenades, five Pakistani hand grenades, 81 balloons with “I Love Pakistan” written on them, and five synthetic gunny nags with Pakistani writing on them were found, an Army officer said.

“The situation in Kashmir valley is almost normal because there are so few terrorists and so few war supplies.” So, the other side is very desperate to either sneak in terrorists or smuggle in things that can be used for war, he told reporters in Baramulla.

Security forces get reports like this all the time, and Major Gen. Chandpuria said that he couldn’t say whether terrorists or smugglers were trying to get war supplies. The weapons were found.

“We are still following up on the leads, and there are some details we can’t talk about, but there was movement near the launchpads. He said, “It’s likely that they (the terrorists) got scared and left the war stores behind and ran to that side.”

Maj. Gen. Chandpuria said that there have been attempts in the past to not only sneak across the border, but also to bring in weapons and drugs.

“In some places, like this one, we have houses right up against the LoC fence, which is close to the LoC. Because people move right up to the LoC, such attempts are sometimes reported,” he said.

In this sector this year, 14 AK rifles, 20 pistols, one M16 rifle, 76 hand grenades, 1226 AK rounds, 484 9mm rounds, 15 kg of drugs, and 10 more suspicious narcotics packets were found in about 6 to 8 operations along or close to the LoC.

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