Indian Army Vice Chief Meets Malaysian Army Chief, Talks About Defense Cooperation

Lieutenant General BS Raju, the Vice Chief of Army Staff, met with Lieutenant General Datuk Arman Rumaizi Bin Hj Ahmad, the Chief of the Malaysian Army, and they talked about different ways to work together on defence.

“Lt Gen BS Raju, Vice Chief of Army Staff, met with Lt Gen Datuk Arman Rumaizi Bin Hj Ahmad, Chief of Staff of the Malaysian Armed Forces, and Lt Gen Datuk Seri Mohammad Bin Ab Rahman, Deputy Chief of the Malaysian Army, and they talked about ways to work together on defence,” said a tweet from the Indian Army’s Additional Directorate General of Public Information.

This visit happened during a joint military exercise between India and Malaysia called “Harimau Shakti 2022.” During this exercise, troops from the Indian Army and the Malaysian Army practised operations in a jungle setting.

“Joint Military Exercise #HarimauShakti 2022 between the Indian Army and the Malaysian Army came to an end after a lot of hard training to make sure it was all right. The joint exercise helped both armies understand each other better and work together better,” the Indian Army tweeted.

Notably, India-Malaysia joint military Exercise ‘Harimau Shakti -2022’ commenced at Pulai, Kluang, Malaysia on November 28. The exercise between the armies of India and Malaysia was set to end on December 12. Since 2012, the Indian and Malaysian armies have been training together every year.

“During the cross-training phase of the joint exercise #HarimauShakti 2022, Indian Army and Malaysian Army troops practised operations in jungle terrain,” the Western Command of the Indian Army wrote on Twitter.

This year, troops with combat experience from the Indian Army’s Garhwal Rifles Regiment and the Malaysian Army’s Royal Malay Regiment will take part in the exercise. They will share what they’ve learned during operations in order to improve their ability to plan and carry out operations in jungle terrain, according to a Ministry of Defence press release.

The joint military exercise will include a Command Planning Exercise (CPX) at the Battalion level and a Field Training Exercise (FTX) at the Company level. Both will focus on non-standard operations in jungle terrain. The plan for the exercise includes setting up a joint command post and a joint surveillance centre, as well as sharing knowledge about how to use aerial assets.

Aside from planning logistics at the battalion level, the joint military exercise also includes technical demonstrations, the care of casualties, and the evacuation of casualties. In a press release, the Ministry of Defense said that the exercise will help the Indian Army and the Malaysian Army work together better on defence and improve relations between the two countries.

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