Indian Army’s Field Training Exercise With All Entities Held In Raj

On the western borders of Rajasthan, the Indian Army did one of its biggest field training exercises, which included all parts of war fighting, including civil agencies. This proved that its actions were in line with the “Whole of the Nation” approach to a decisive victory.

Col. Amitabh Sharma, PRO, Defense, Rajasthan, said on Thursday that the training ended on Wednesday.

There were a lot of firsts in this exercise, which made it clear that the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Border Security Force work well together (BSF).

During the week-long exercise, many local technologies and pieces of equipment were used on the ground to prove that their combination can improve operational capabilities. The actions have also confirmed new ideas about how to fight wars in an integrated theatre.

For the first time, the top commanders of both the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force visited the troops in the front lines and looked at how well the different services, including the BSF, worked together.

Lieutenant General Ajay Kumar Singh, who is the GOC-in-C of the Southern Command, and Air Marshal Vikram Singh, who is the AOC-in-C of the Southern Western Air Command, gave a joint address that boosted the morale and motivation of all ranks by giving them more confidence.

At the end of their trip, both the Army and Air Force Commanders paid their respects at the Longewala War Memorial, which is dedicated to the brave soldiers of the 1971 Indo-Pak war. They praised the bravery and sacrifice of the troops who fought together to protect the country’s borders.

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