Indian Military Has A Busy Schedule Till The End Year, With Joint Drills Involving Quad Members, Kazakhstan

Over the next few days, the Indian armed forces will do important drills with friendly countries. Indian and American soldiers will take part in the Yudh Abhyas exercise in Auli, Uttarakhand, which is just 100 km from the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Between November 15 and December 2, more than 250 people from the Indian Army will take part in an exercise. The last time the exercise was done, it was in Alaska. This will be the second exercise in the last two years where high-altitude warfare will be the main focus.

The goal of the exercise is to help the two armies work together and understand each other better. The joint exercise will focus on “Combined Arms Maneuvers” in cold weather. Its main goal is for the two countries to share tactical skills and learn from each other what works best.

Earlier in August, special forces from both armies met in Himachal Pradesh for the Vajra Prahar exercise to train together.

The Indian Army will also take part in the Harimau Shakti drill in Malaysia from November 28 to December 13.

From December 15 to December 28, India and Kazakhstan will take part in another exercise in Umrai, Meghalaya.

During Malabar, which runs from November 8-18 and includes the US, Australia, Japan, and India, the Indian Navy will also send its warships and submarines to Japan. The P8i surveillance plane from the Indian Navy will also be there.

In 1992, India and the US started doing naval exercises together every year. This was the start of the Malabar series of exercises. In 2015, Japan joined Malabar as a permanent member. The Royal Australian Navy took part in the 2020 competition.

In the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Navy is doing drills with Singapore at the same time.

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