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Indian Navy Is Teaming With HAL On The Development Of 50 UH (Marine) Helicopters  

The Indian Navy and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited are working on a new Utility Helicopter (Marine) to satisfy the force’s warship requirements, which might be a huge boost for Make in India in the defence sector.

According to official sources, if the new form of the Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv is successfully developed, the Indian Navy would consider ordering 50 of these choppers, which will allow the Indian Navy to deploy choppers on its warships on the high seas.

The development of choppers at the public sector undertaking’s helicopter section is being ripped apart, according to insiders, after HAL declared to the forces that it had succeeded in developing foldable rotors.

Due to space limits on warships, Navies all over the world require helicopters and aeroplanes to have folding wings, allowing for the storage of more equipment. The frigates and destroyers have limited parking areas, and UH Marine’s foldable rotors would allow them to be stored more readily, according to sources.

The Navy has around 150 warships in its fleet and intends to equip each of them with at least one helicopter, which it plans to do first through the Make in India method. The Indian Navy has recently acquired roughly 16 of these ALH Dhruv Mark 3 choppers, as well as an equal number for the Indian Coast Guard.

HAL has also offered a maritime version of the Dhruv to the Indian Navy, however little has been done due to the lack of capabilities necessary by the maritime force for operations.

Warships of the Indian Navy are stationed throughout the Indian Ocean region, and warships are equipped with helicopters for reconnaissance and surveillance, as well as other fleet-wide activities.

The US will shortly deliver the first of 24 MH-60 Romeo choppers to the force, which were ordered as part of a Foreign Military Sales deal a few years ago to satisfy the urgent need for multirole attack and anti-submarine warfare choppers.

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