Indian Navy Successfully Tested An Advanced Version Of The BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile

The Indian Navy successfully tested an improved variant of the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile from a stealth warship in the Indian Ocean on Saturday, proving the missile’s growing attack potential.

After travelling an extended range trajectory and conducting intricate manoeuvres, the missile hit its targeted target with pinpoint accuracy, according to the Navy. The missile was launched from the INS Chennai, a stealth warship.

“From the stealth destroyer INS Chennai, the Indian Navy successfully proved the accuracy of an extended-range land-attack Brahmos supersonic cruise missile,” the Navy stated. “This achievement demonstrates the Indian Navy’s potential to strike further deeper and affect ground operations further away from the sea,” it claimed.

Both the Brahmos missile and the INS Chennai were produced in India, according to the statement, demonstrating the country’s missile and shipbuilding expertise. The Navy said in a statement that the awards “reinforce the Indian Navy’s commitment to the Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India endeavours.”

BrahMos Aerospace, a joint venture between India and Russia, makes supersonic cruise missiles that may be fired from submarines, ships, planes, or ground platforms. The BrahMos missile travels at 2.8 Mach, or nearly three times the speed of sound.

The updated version of the missile’s range has been increased from 290 kilometres to roughly 350 kilometres.

The BrahMos is a Ramjet Supersonic Cruise Missile with a medium range that may be launched from submarines, ships, planes, or land. It is notable for being one of the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missiles.

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