Indian Response To Iranian Plane’s SOS: IAF Jets Scrambled, Fire Tenders Placed On Standby

On Monday, the air traffic control allegedly called Delhi Police to report a bomb fear aboard an Iran-China flight, but they immediately learned the plane was not going to arrive there. In addition to two IAF Su-30 MKI fighter jets being scrambled to intercept the plane, two fire tenders were placed on alert at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The Mahan Air aircraft was given two landing alternatives by Indian authorities, in Chandigarh and Jaipur, but the pilot refused to change the plane’s course. But for the length of its time in Indian airspace, IAF jets kept a close but safe distance from the aircraft.

On its trip from Tehran, the capital of Iran, to Guangzhou, China, was the Airbus A340, which can accommodate 320 to 475 passengers. Following a bomb threat received by the airline, the flight is said to have made contact with Delhi ATC and requested a quick landing.

“The ATC called and told us that there had been a bomb scare on the Tehran-China flight. Although we were making preparations, the ATC notified us that the aeroplane would not be arriving in Delhi, a senior police officer said. The fire control centre received a call about the bomb scare at around 9.25 am, Delhi Fire Services.

Two fire trucks and senior personnel were on standby, our standard operating procedure, deputy chief fire officer Sanjay Tomar told Additionally, it was advised to all adjacent fire stations to be on high alert in case more tenders were needed. We received an all-clear notification from airport security at 10.05 am, but the flight did not arrive in Delhi, he added.

The IAF said that following the aircraft at a safe distance, the fighter jets were dispatched after learning of the threat. “Jaipur and Chandigarh were both options for the aircraft’s landing. But the pilot indicated he didn’t want to go to either of the two airports, “In a statement, the IAF stated.

The airliner continued on its voyage toward its objective after receiving a signal from Tehran telling it to disregard the bomb scare, the statement concluded.”

Security officials are reportedly keeping an eye on the passenger airliner as it flies toward China. Prior to being spotted leaving Indian airspace, data from FlightRadar showed the airliner briefly lowering its altitude over the Delhi-Jaipur region. Before continuing its flight across the nation and into Myanmar, the plane was seen circling in circles several times above New Delhi. Uncertainty persists over the bomb threat’s nature.

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