India’s Defence And Business Delegation Will Visit Brazil To Seek Defence Sector Opportunities

A big governmental and corporate delegation will travel to Brazil later this month to investigate the possibility of collaborative manufacturing and development of various defence weapons and systems.

“A delegation of senior officials led by Sanjay Jaju, Additional Secretary (Defense Production), Ministry of Defence (MoD) and representatives of several public and private sector companies from the defence sector will travel under the umbrella of FICCI.”

“There will be roughly 10-12 firms,” a senior official from the industry association FICCI revealed, “encompassing public and private sector as well as start-ups from the defence sector.”

Which companies are going?

Bharat Dynamatics Limited; Bharat Electronics Limited; C2C DB Systems; Centum Electronics; Dhruva Aerospace; GRSE; Larsen & Toubro Limited; Maharashtra Minerals Corporation Limited; Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders; MKU Limited; Ocean Marine Environment Coatings Pvt Ltd; Pushkak Products Pvt Ltd; SMPP Pvt Ltd; SSS Defence, and others.

What is the agenda of the delegations going to Brazil?

Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and Sao Paulo are among the destinations for the delegation. According to sources, the official delegation will meet with the highest leadership of the Brazilian troops and other senior authorities, and Indian companies will make presentations before travelling to other sites.

On June 2, all private and public sector firms will visit Sao Jose dos Campos, where all Defense Industries are headquartered, as well as Technology Park, where Indian companies will show.

The group will also pay visits to two Embraer sites, one in Sao Jos dos Campos and the other in Gavio Paixito.

South & Central America are looking for:

Army :Surface-to-Surface Missiles; Rocket Launchers; Armoured Personnel Carrier; Body Armour and Helmets; Telescopic and IR Sights; Night Vision Devices;

Navy : Submarines; Cyber Defence Capability; MR & Surveillance Aircraft; Amphibious Ships; Frigates & OffShore Patrol Vessels Modernization

Air Forces:Light Combat Helicopters; AWACS; Light Combat Aircraft

A new government policy for exporting defence platforms and weapons to friendly countries is already in place.

Many countries in the area, including Brazil, are in the midst of revamping their military and police forces, As a result, Indian enterprises have more opportunities to investigate the industry and find joint venture partners.

How many Indian defence companies are present in Brazil?

Only one Indian company, MKU, based in Kanpur, has been present in practically all of the countries in the region thus far. MKU is a global leader in defence and homeland security systems. In Brazil, this company has completed contracts with the Military Police, the Army, and the Federal Police.

They also secured a big contract in a competition to supply roughly 14,500 vests to the Policia Militar do Estado de Sao Paulo, as well as a Night vision monocular for the Brazilian Army.


The BrahMos-NG (New Generation) version of the short-range ramjet supersonic cruise missile has been discussed by both sides.

Atul Dinkar Rane, DG BrahMos DRDO& CEO & MD BrahMos,countries in the region had requested additional details about the missile.

While he did not specifically mention the countries, the Indo-Russia BrahMos has piqued the interest of numerous governments in the region.

India-Brazil Defence Cooperation

At the end of talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who had visited India as the chief guest at the Republic Day Parade, both nations signed the Plan of Action for the Brazil-India Strategic Partnership in 2020.

And, as both countries are complementary in this field, defence and security are the primary components of this Plan of Action.

Brazil’s top diplomats and officials have expressed an interest in participating in cooperative ventures in the defence sector.

According to India’s Ambassador Suresh K Reddy, there is a lot of possibility for Indian enterprises under Brazil’s “Triple-Helix” policy, which is focused on R&D and Innovation for all three services – Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Any Joint ventures between Indian & Brazilian Companies?

Yes. Stumpp Schuele & Somappa India (SSS Defence) and Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), the world’s second-largest ammunition maker, have formed a joint venture to produce ammunition for all calibres, including 9 mm, 7.6239 mm, 7.6251 mm,.338 Lapua, and 12.7 mm. After meeting India’s standards, the joint venture can export to a third country, according to the conditions of the agreement.

Taurus Armas S.A., a Brazilian business, has partnered with Jindal Defence to produce small guns.

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