India’s First Human Space Mission, Called “Gaganyaan,” Is Likely To Take Off In 2024

India’s first mission to send a person into space, called “Gaganyaan,” is likely to take off in 2024. Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Science and Technology Jitendra Singh confirmed the news.

The mission was supposed to start this year, which is important to know. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch was put off. The minister said that the mission was put on hold because astronauts could not be trained in Russia after the pandemic started.

Four fighter pilots have been chosen by the Indian Air Force for the “Gaganyaan.” IANS, a news service, said that the crew for the mission had received basic training in Russia. VyomMitra, a humanoid robot that looks like a woman and can travel through space, will reportedly be sent after the first test flight next year.

About Rs 9,000 crore will be spent on the mission as a whole. As part of the Gaganyaan mission, there will be one unmanned flight and two unmanned flights. Reports say that in 2024, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will send two astronauts into a low earth orbit (LEO).

The goal of the mission is to lay the groundwork for a long-term Indian programme to send people into space. The main goal of the space programme is to show that the country has the ability to send missions to LEO with people on board.

During the test mission, the spacecraft will be sent 15 kilometres into the air. Scientists in space will act out what would happen if the mission had to be cancelled. This will make sure that the crew capsule can use parachutes to get back to Earth. The crew capsule will go higher in the air during the second orbital test flight.

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