Iran Intends To Equip Russia With Drones, US Warns

According to a US official, Iran intends to supply Russia with hundreds of drones, some of which will be capable of combat, for its conflict in Ukraine.

According to White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, intelligence gathered by the US indicates that Iran is ready to train Russian military to utilise drones.

He went on to say that it was uncertain whether Iran had delivered them yet.

Drones have played an important role in both Ukraine and Russia’s continuing conflict.

Ukraine recently requested donations of thousands of drones to aid in its combat efforts.

Mr. Sullivan went on to say that data collected by the US supports the idea that Russia’s attack on eastern Ukraine is “costing it the ability to sustain its own armaments.”

He also noted that Yemen’s Houthi rebels had previously employed Iranian drones to target Saudi Arabia.

His remarks came before of US Vice President Joe Biden’s upcoming trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia. So far, neither country has joined sanctions against Russia for its involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

Iran, which demands for its annihilation, is seen as Israel’s most serious regional danger.

Since the February invasion, the United States and its allies have provided billions of dollars in arms to Ukraine.

Mr. Sullivan stated that the US would continue to “support Ukraine’s successful defence.”

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