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Israel’s SMASH Dragon drone can shoot down UAVs


SMASH Dragon
Israel’s “Smart Shooter” manufacturer unveiled an armed drone system to hit stationary and moving targets while flying named SMASH Dragon. The system can be hosted in drones and ariel platforms. It reportedly has computer vision. The company which has manufactured the new weapon system said that it has conducted live fire tests.

The new system can shoot down targets on the ground, sea and air. The system can be controlled from a distance while being mounted on an unmanned aerial platforms. The new system is equipped with “one shot – one hit” capability which provides a significant advantage to infantry soldiers.

Smash 2000 Plus for India
Smart Shooter’s Smash family is use with militaries across the world including India, Israel and the US. In December 2020, India had ordered Smash 2000 Plus fire control systems.

The equipment was set to be incorporated into the Indian Navy for operation with AK-47 and AK-103 assault rifles, reports said.

The manufacturer Smart Shooter had claimed that ‘Smash 2000 Plus’ complies with the Indian needs and can significantly improve soldiers’ accuracy and speed of hitting targets and shooting down threats.

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