J-K: In An Encounter In Srinagar, Two Lashkar-e-taiba Terrorists Were Killed

Two terrorists were killed in an encounter in Srinagar’s Bemina neighbourhood on Tuesday, according to police.

The terrorists were linked to the Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group (LeT). During the altercation, one police officer received minor injuries.

“In a quick confrontation in Srinagar’s Bemina neighbourhood, Srinagar Police neutralised two terrorists from the banned terror group LeT. A minor injury was also sustained by one of the officers “The Kashmir zone police sent out a tweet.

“This was the same gang of militants that survived the Sopore shootout. We’ve been keeping an eye on them “explained the cops

The cops described the encounter as a “huge success.”

“Pakistan-based handlers had despatched two Pakistani terrorists of the LeT terror group, as well as one local terrorist Adil Hussain Mir of Pahalgam-Anantnag, who had been in Pakistan since 2018 (now all three deceased) with the goal of attacking Yatra,” Kashmir zone police noted in another tweet.

According to the records, the terrorists are Abdullah Goujri and Adil Hussain Mir (Sufian Musab).

Goujri was from the Pakistani city of Faisalabad, whereas Adil Hussain Mir was from the Anantnag area. He entered Pakistan in 2018 on a visit VISA from Wagah, according to police documents.

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