Killed Pakistani “Mastermind” Of J&k Drone Arms Drop

On Thursday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted raids at various locations in the Jammu division in connection with a case involving the use of drones to dump weapons in border regions.

NIA agents carried out raids in the Kathua, Doda, and Samba parts of the major metropolis of Jammu. They were also spotted outside the home of Faisal Muneer, who was detained in connection with the investigation last month and registered in the Arnia neighbourhood of Jammu in February. The government claimed to have found “important evidence about the case of drone droppings.”

A drone that was flying from the other side of the border was forced to land, according to Border Security Force (BSF) officers stationed in Kathua along the border. According to them, the drone was observed in the Sultanpur district of India.

Unnamed official: “The drone was fired upon by the alert BSF officials, causing it to withdraw, and a search operation in the region was continuing on till late afternoon.”

A day earlier, the Jammu and Kashmir Police announced that they had found a shipment of weapons and ammunition dropped by a Pakistani drone near the Jammu village of Toph. The bomb squad claimed to have opened the package and found an AK weapon, magazines, 40 AK rounds, a star pistol, pistol bullets, and Chinese tiny grenades inside.

According to the police, one of the suspects in custody had told them that Muhamamd Ali Hussain alias Qasim, a Pakistani prisoner housed in Kot Bhalwal jail, had played a key role in the network that employed drones to dump the weapons along the border in Jammu.

Hussain was reportedly taken into police custody and questioned right away after being brought before the court, according to the report. According to the police, he admitted his involvement in the use of drones to drop weapons in Jammu and revealed two locations where the weapons and ammo were hidden. He was also escorted to the locations with the police team and magistrate.

Police sources claimed that Hussain fought a police officer, took his rifle, and tried to flee after they discovered a packet of weapons in one location. Hussain was shot by police after they opened fire, along with one other officer. Hussain later passed away from his wounds in the hospital, according to the police.

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