Lt Gen Pandey Of The Indian Army Says That Over 200 J&k Youth Rescued From The ‘edge Of Terrorism.’

Lieutenant General DP Pandey, speaking to the media and his unit in Jammu and Kashmir ahead of his next assignment, expressed his desire that no mother, wife, or daughter would have to mourn because of the loss of a family member to terrorism. Lt. Gen. Devendra Pratap Pandey, the General-Officer-Commanding (GOC) of the Chinar Corps in Srinagar, spoke at the occasion before being transferred to an unannounced field duty.

Lt. Gen. Pandey, a Chinar Corps Commander, stated that the Indian Armed Forces stationed in Kashmir are an integral part of the Kashmir society since they live among the people and are better acquainted with the situation on the ground.

” “We live together here,” he said. “”

Lt. Gen Pandey says, ‘People have stopped supporting militants’

He also expressed his delight that police in the Valley have begun to generate information from technology to human intelligence. “People have stopped supporting militants, which is a significant change,” he said. While stating that the Indian Armed Forces are exclusively dedicated to serving the country and its people, he stated that he had no regrets regarding his deployment in Kashmir.

“That is what defines me or any other soldier,” he said.

Lt. Gen. DP Pandey noted that almost ‘200-250 kids, who were probably on the verge of becoming terrorists and the majority of those who had already been terrorists, had been brought back to society in some form or another’.

“That’s my achievement,” the Army Officer continued.

On the one hand, the Indian Army continued to use terrorists and accept surrenders and apprehensions, while on the other hand, we wanted to minimise the number of terrorists and “youth picking up arms.” He said, “I think we did well on both levels.”

He further stated that citizens in J&K, particularly Kashmiris, have been living in peace and that the issue is never against security personnel, but rather against the people. Lt. Gen. Pandey expressed full confidence in his successor when asked about a change of guard in Pakistan that would be similar to that in India.

He said that a “good security mechanism” is being put in place for the Amarnath Yatra and that dangers will always remain. He went on to say, “We will be prepared.” “The amnesty programme is really easy,” he added, referring to the amnesty policy. You are on the wrong track if you have taken up arms. Step out, join the social media stream, and if you don’t want to surrender openly, contact the nearest company commander. The RR company commander or police personnel will ensure that you are removed from circulation and subjected to the legal process.After that, join the society. It’s the best possible amnesty.” “It’s been chosen by a number of people,” he added.

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