Made-In-India Kalyani M4 Armoured Troop Carrier Joins Indian Army For UN Peacekeeping Missions

The Indian Army’s newest deployment is the Kalyani M4 armoured troop carrier, produced by Bharat Forge. The Indian Army has received a total of 16 Kalyani M4 trucks produced in India from Bharat Forge Limited for use in UN peacekeeping deployments. Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle (Heavy) Kalyani M4 was designed and built domestically by Bharat Forge Ltd. In the event of high Kinetic Energy threats, such as devastating mine explosions and grenade strikes, it provides the inhabitants with never-before-seen levels of security and protection. It can also transport an infantry platoon that is fully equipped for battle.

In some of India’s most difficult locations, the Kalyani M4 successfully completed a series of harsh vehicle trials. The experiments were place in the harsh deserts of Rann of Kutch and Leh and Ladakh, where it was quite cold.

The Made in India Kalyani M4 is being delivered for UN Peacekeeping missions, stated Mr. Baba N. Kalyani, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Forge Ltd., in a speech on the historic occasion. This motivates us to work for the benefit of our armed forces and strengthens our resolve to implement our Prime Minister’s plans for Atmanirbharat and self-reliance in the defence industry.

“Keeping crew safety and vehicle performance as important elements, Kalyani M4 has been ergonomically and aesthetically designed to allow the crew to do their jobs in an optimal manner,” noted Mr. Amit Kalyani, Deputy Managing Director, Bharat Forge Ltd.

With a fighting radius of almost 800 kilometres, the Kalyani M4 can quickly increase the necessary battle power in all sorts of terrain. It has cutting-edge military power terrain with constant situational awareness. The Kalyani M4 is now the best mobility platform on the market, and the Indian Army has previously received variations including ambulance and command post vehicles. As a result of an urgent acquisition during the stalemate on the China-India border, the Army’s northern command recently added the Kalyani M4 to its fleet of armoured vehicles. Three 10 kg TNT explosives placed underneath the wheels and a 50 kg IED blast to one side won’t damage the vehicle.

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