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Navy Chief: Indian Navy Aims To Be A Favoured Security Partner

The Indian Navy, according to its chief Admiral R Hari Kumar, is aiming to be the “preferred security partner” for all of the region’s smaller countries. “Navy has worked hard over time to become the favoured security partner for all of the region’s smaller nations.

Also, due of its proximity and capacity to respond, be the first responder if there is a natural tragedy “Hari Kumar brought up an interesting point. The Admiral told reporters on the sidelines of MILAN-2022 that the Indian Navy has gained a greater level of trust from its friendly neighbours.

MILAN was a representation of India’s development as a nation, as well as the Navy’s evolution over time. The Chief noted that it was also a sign of our Navy’s trust and capability.

The MILAN, he added, provided three key benefits, the first of which was interoperability with foreign navies. The development of trust (among navies) was the most essential takeaway, according to the CNS. While learning excellent practises from each other was another benefit, the building of trust (among navies) was the most important takeaway.

The building of trust between navies, according to Admiral Hari Kumar, is due to operating at sea, working together, and forming friendships. “This is critical for us because we all work in a very tough maritime environment.” This also ensures that we all benefit from the benefits of the sea’s riches,” he added.

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