Nishank And Akshay, Two Indian Naval Ships, Will Be Decommissioned Today

After 32 years of service, the Indian Navy’s ships Nishank and Akshay will be retired in Mumbai on Friday in the presence of their crews and senior commanders.

Nishank, a Veer-class corvette carrying surface-to-surface missiles, was part of the legendary squadron that fought Pakistan in the 1971 war. It operated on both the east and west coasts of the United States. The ship will be displayed as a war relic after it is decommissioned.

“The ships will continue to inspire future generations to be a part of our proud past and bright future by displaying the Indian Navy’s might,” the navy said in a statement.

“After being commissioned in the cold temperatures of the former Soviet Union’s Poti Shipyard in Georgia, the ships will be retired in the tropical temperatures of Mumbai, where the atmosphere will be thick with the emotions and nostalgia of all the ex-crew of both ships.”

Akshay was armed with long-range torpedoes and anti-submarine rockets and was primarily used for anti-submarine warfare and coastal patrol.

On Sunday evening, the ships’ pennants were withdrawn, signalling the end of their service. The decommissioning ceremony will be attended by veterans and their families who served on these ships.

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