No Dividing Line: Why North And South India Are Bound Together In Their Love For Anarchy

India is a land of great contradictions.

In theory, it’s one nation created by stitching together several constitutionally birthed states and union territories. A country where over 1.2 billion people all live together peacefully as a big happy family. However, in reality, it is anything but.

Divided by the invisible lines of creed, caste, colour, culture and language, India, much like its people, is held together by its love for the one true God – anarchy.

Though we like to delude ourselves into believing that we are inherently easy going people, united by our love for peace, the ugly truth is that from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we are a nation of intolerant and violent people who at the drop of a hat are ready to bring entire cities to halt with our propensity for violence. Read More

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