On the Western Seaboard, the Indian Navy conducts weapon engagement and missile shooting drills.

On the Western Seaboard, the Indian Navy recently conducted weapon engagement and missile shooting training. 15 warships and submarines, as well as a huge number of maritime patrol aircraft, integrated helicopters, fighter planes, and RPA, took part in the numerous Ordnance on Target missions. Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet was in charge of the ships at sea tactically.

Missile tests were conducted in mid-April 22 to verify the combat worthiness of various armament systems placed on frontline units. In tactical scenarios, the Indian Navy’s powerful Veer Class, Talwar Class, and Brahmaputra Class destroyers engaged high-speed sea-skimming air targets in anti-air battles.The Brahmaputra class ship sank the target (a decommissioned naval cruiser) with precision in a sea skimming profile in another long-range battle. An underwater-launched missile successfully hit its target at maximum range, demonstrating the Indian submarines’ lethality and adaptability.

The pinpoint accuracy and flawless execution of these firings demonstrated the Indian Navy’s arsenal’s effectiveness. The Navy has once again proved its capability and unwavering commitment to preserving India’s maritime borders and interests.

The Chief of the Naval Staff, who was onboard the Flag Ship, as well as Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief Western Naval Command, were present for the weapon engagement drills.

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