Pakistan’s Kashmir Narrative In The UN Finds Few Takers In Its Neighbourhood

Pakistan has staged that act before at the UN: lament bitterly about “violation of human rights” in Kashmir  throw in the phrase “war crimes” as this time, play a victim of terrorism than its chief sponsor, accuse India of holding back peace efforts and beseech the world for some love, trust and respect. Scrapping with India, typically, creates some buzz, makes a few headlines on the subcontinent and plays big back home presumably with assorted constituencies, thus the annual rerun.

This time, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi did all that, and some more, but was not shrill enough perhaps to drown out sharp criticism of Pakistan from Bangladesh and Afghanistan that laid bare its growing isolation in South Asia, where it seems to be at odds with its neighbours on the west, Afghanistan, and the east, India, and further east, Bangladesh. Read More…

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