Infantry Day 2022: General Manoj Pande And Rajnath Singh Attend The 75th Anniversary Celebration In J&k

The 75th anniversary of Infantry Day was celebrated in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, October 27, with the participation of Army Chief Gen. Manoj Pande and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

To remember the Indian Army’s arrival at Budgam Airfield on October 27, 1947, to defend Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistani forces, Infantry Day is observed. It was India’s first military action after independence.

After the “instrument of accession” between the Union of India and the then-Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, Hari Singh, was signed on October 26, 1947, the Army descended upon the airfield.

Among the events planned on Thursday to commemorate the historic anniversary are some of the pivotal scenes from the historic Budgam landings.

At the Infantry Day commemoration celebration in Jammu and Kashmir, the defence minister and the Army commander attended. Additionally, a number of other senior military leaders were in attendance.

Gen. Anil Chauhan, the Chief of Defence Staff, lay a wreath at the National War Memorial in New Delhi to remember the momentous occasion.

Another official stated that the Budgam landings reenactment, which would be held at Old Air Field in Srinagar, is intended to pay tribute to the heroic soldiers and citizens of Jammu and Kashmir who gave their life in the war of 1947–1948 as well as the relatives of those heroes.

Thursday will be the 75th anniversary of the Budgam landings, one of Independent India’s earliest military actions.

The Indian Army and the State Forces of Jammu and Kashmir fought bravely together to evict Pakistani forces, driving them out of most of Jammu and Kashmir until ceasefire on January 5, 1949, according to earlier statements made by the Army. This was done under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Dewan Ranjit Rai, who later gave his life at Baramulla.

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