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Rostec receives permission for mass production of new parachutes

Technodinamika holding of Rostec State Corporation has received permission for mass production of Magic sports parachute system that can be used for singe or team acrobatic skydiving at the altitude up to 4,000 meters. The product fully matches the criteria set by the military and has been assigned the “O1” code.

The code means the system is fit for mass production and use by the sports teams of the Russian Armed Forces and other security agencies. “Magic” parachute system includes the nine-section main ram-air parachute and the seven-section reserve parachute, and the parachute pack with a harness.

The main parachute, elliptical in shape, is of intermediate category, that is, it can be used by parachutists with an average level of training, who have done at least 100 jumps, to transit from training parachutes to high-speed ones. The main feature of the new system is its light and small pack. It does not restrain the parachutist’s moves during the jump and lets the person freely perform acrobatic moves during freefall.

“The new sports parachute has several advantages. It is safe and easy to control, it deploys smoothly and is highly stable in turbulent conditions. It can be used for jumps at altitudes up to 4,000m and does not hinder acrobatic moves.

The system has been assigned O1 code, meaning it is fully complied with the criteria set by the Ministry of Defense. We are ready to start mass production,” representatives of Rostec aviation cluster said.

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