Russia Deploys An Air Defence System At A Nuclear Reactor In Ukraine

After shelling raised concerns about a catastrophic accident, Russian forces began putting in an air defence system at Zaporizhzhya, the largest nuclear power station in Europe, which is located in occupied Ukraine.

Yevhen Balytskyi, the regional military administrator assigned by Moscow, said on Tuesday that the power plant’s air defence systems were being strengthened.

According to the Russian military administration, the Zaporizhzhya plant is currently running normally, and damaged reactor units and electrical cables have been rebuilt, according to the dpa news agency.

Russian-controlled nuclear reactor in southern Ukraine has been attacked multiple times in recent days, raising fears about the facilities’ security around the world.

Moscow and Kiev have assigned blame for the assaults to one another.

Russia has made it known that it might be in favour of observers from the International Atomic Energy Agency visiting the nuclear plant in southern Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated on Tuesday that “from our side, we are ready to provide the fullest feasible assistance to overcome organisational concerns.”

Additionally, Moscow claimed that the UN had started a new escalation by calling off a planned inspection trip.

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