Singapore raises concerns with Indian Airlines for defying Covid-19 protocols

By Telangana today

Singapore Immigration Department has raised concerns with the Indian Airlines that they are violating the protocol made for COVID-19 and sending its crew members for international flights without completing 14 days of mandatory home isolation.

“Recently the Immigration Authority of Singapore raised concerns to India that Indian airlines have violated the COVID-19 isolation norms through diplomatic channels as well as aviation watchdog DGCA,” Govt. senior official told ANI, A top Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) official told ANI, “After the complaint from the Singapore Immigration Authority, DGCA has assured that they will take strict action against the airlines.”

According to aviation regulator officials, the airline’s male crew tested positive for COVID-19 on December 31 and joined as per the duty roster on January 9 and the company scheduled its duty for the international (Singapore) flight this week.

“During immigration clearance at Changi airport, the immigration authority detained a crew member for violating the COVID-19 rules. The matter has been reported to the concerned department in India and the matter is under investigation,” a DGCA official told ANI.

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