Modi Government’s New Project To Protect India’s Borders With Bangladesh, Pakistan

The Narendra Modi government has operationalised the country’s first ever comprehensive integrated border management system along the riverine stretch bordering Bangladesh in Assam. The smart fence is a project that is being implemented by the Border Security Forces (BSF) to close the vulnerable gaps along India’s border with Pakistan and Bangladesh. The implementation of the smart fencing system in Assam comes under the Modi government’s ambitious plan to secure the border through fencing.

There is a major difference between barbed fencing, smart fence and comprehensive integrated border management system (CIBMS). The first one refers to the securing of the border with physical fences that obstruct infiltration. The smart fences have an addition of electronic systems to the barbed wire, which helps in detecting movement along the border. Lastly, when one cannot have a physical border security system due to the geographical reason, CIBMS is being used. CIBMS uses technology driven by sensors to detect any form of movement in the water, on the land surface and in the air. Read More…

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