Su-35E “Super Flanker”, could the deadly S400 missiles be Russia’s “New Year’s gift” to Iran amid growing threats from Israel?

By Eurasian times

The Middle East, a key market for advanced fighter jets, could soon have a new player if reports that Iran is planning to buy the Russian Su35E “Super Flanker” is anything to rely on.

Despite the Indo-Pacific becoming a major tipping point between the United States and China, the Middle East retains its strategic importance in the global arms market. previously reported that at the Dubai Airshow, Russia stole the show with the Su75 Checkmate, showing off its fifth-generation stealth aircraft as suited for the Gulf region.

Algeria and Turkey have also reportedly expressed interest in the Su35 fighter jet. Iran is now expected to purchase 4.5 generations of Sukhoi Su35SE “Super Flankers” from Russia in the near future, according to reports. Iran and Russia could sign a $20 billion defense pact in January 2022. Moscow could supply Tehran with 24 Su35SE fighters, two upgraded S400 air defense missile systems and a military satellite under the terms of the deal , have speculated a lot.

“Super Flanker” for Iran?

The Su-35SEs were originally destined for Egypt, however, the United States threatened sanctions against Egypt under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). Thus, nearly 15 flight-ready Su35SEs could be delivered to Iran by early next year.

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