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Swedish Defence Company Saab Offers Advanced Electronic Warfare System to IAF

Today, electronic warfare has grown by leaps and bounds since the days when radio communications were simply disruptive. Today is also about perceiving and seeing first, deceiving, and even controlling the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

“Today’s hotly contested battlespace requires superior electronic warfare capability. The Indian Air Force can also benefit from a next-generation EW solution that gives pilots an edge in information. Knowing first is key to successfully countering the threats of today and tomorrow,” says Saab Sales and Marketing Manager KentÅke Molin.

When Saab set out to create the smartest for modern air forces, they aimed for something that was a complete package. The result was Arexis, an EW sequel that offers unrivaled survival skills, superior situational awareness, freedom of action, and a return to home safely. The EW suite is fully integrated on all Gripen aircraft, giving pilots an autonomous capability to operate without the need for an escort from a specialist EW aircraft. It can also be installed on any other type of aircraft, in a missionized pod or even used with an unmanned vehicle, Arexis offers both defensive and offensive capabilities including the neutralization of the Anti Access Bubble / Area Denial (A2/AD).

Powered by Active Electronically Scanned Gallium Nitride (GaN) arrays (AESA) and fully digitized receivers, Arexis delivers superior situational awareness in every scenario. Saab also offered India’s AESA GaN radar technology. “If requested by India, Saab is willing to share its GaN technology know-how not only for the Gripen program but also for ongoing and future local programs such as LCA and AMCA,” adds Kent-Åke.

One of the most important reasons for Arexis’ reliability is its unique ability to handle and digitize a wide range and high number of signals and sensor data with extreme speed and precision. Digitization is very important due to the large number of signals that must be processed by today’s systems. frequency transmitter signals, no matter how many, and draw quick conclusions. Arexis provides the pilot with a complete threat picture across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

The result is improved situational awareness that helps the pilot see first and act first. Modern air forces such as the IAF need this revolutionary capability to ensure mission success,” says Kent-Åke.

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  1. IAF should seriously consider the Gripen which is half the cost of Rafale and a decent electronic suite and lower operating cost but should also consider F18 Hornets which has a proven track recird for the Navy….my 2 cents

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